This article describes the actions that are needed when upgrading from a previous version of ganetimgr.

Migrating to v.1.6

  • Perform south migration:
    python manage.py migrate
  • Collect static files:
    python manage.py collectstatic
  • Update settings.py to settings.py.dist


ganetimgr v.1.6 comes with a requirements.txt file, which lists all requirements. Make sure all of these requirements have been installed on your system.

Migrating to v.1.5.3

  • Perform south migration:
    python manage.py migrate
  • Collect static files:
    python manage.py collectstatic
  • Update settings.py to settings.py.dist. A new context processor is deployed
  • Update urls.py to urls.py.dist. The graph url has been updated
  • New dependencies: python-bs4, python-requests and python-markdown. All packaged in Debian.
  • We recommend changing gunicorn logging to the system logging path (i.e. /var/log/) and not /tmp.
  • Also create a logrotate script for the logfile.
  • After upgrade is done make sure to restart the watcher process

Migrating to v.1.4.1

Bugfix/Feature Enhancements release

settings.py: - Copy the FLATPAGES dict from settings.py.dist to allow handling of flatpages

Migrating to v.1.4.0

Debian wheezy/Django 1.4 compatibility

  • If migrating from a squeeze installation pay attention to Django 1.4 changes as depicted in settings.py file, especially the introduction of the staticfiles django app
  • Set BRANDING.FEED_URL to an RSS news feed if desired
  • Set BRANDING.ANALYTICS_FILE_PATH to point to an analytics script file if desired
  • Setup WebSockets VNCAuthProxy if desired
  • If WebSockets NoVNC is setup, set the WEBSOCK_VNC_ENABLED to True and the NOVNC_PROXY and NOVNC_USE_TLS to match your setup
  • Update the BRANDING dict to match your needs
  • Perform south migration

Migrating to v.1.3.0

  • Set the WHITELIST_IP_MAX_SUBNET_V4/V6 to desired max
    whitelist IP subnets in settings.py
  • Perform south migration

Migrating to v.1.2.3

  • Make sure to include HELPDESK_INTEGRATION_JAVASCRIPT_PARAMS in settings.py.

If you deploy Jira and want to set custom javascript parameters, set ` HELPDESK_INTEGRATION_JAVASCRIPT_PARAMS = { 'key' : 'value' # eg. 'customfield_23123': '1stline' } ` In any other case set ` HELPDESK_INTEGRATION_JAVASCRIPT_PARAMS = False `

Migrating to v1.2.2

  • Make sure to restart watcher.py

Migrating to >= v1.2

  • Make sure to:
    • Set the RAPI_TIMEOUT in settings.py (see .dist)
    • Set the NODATA_IMAGE path in settings.py.dist
    • Update urls.py to urls.py.dist
    • Copy templates/analytics.html.dist to templates/analytics.html.

Migrating to v1.0:

  • install python-ipaddr lib
  • update settings.py and urls.py with latest changes from dist files
manage.py migrate

If your web server is nginx, consider placing: ` proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Host <hostname>; ` in your nginx site location part and ` USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST = True ` in your settings.py. The above ensures that i18n operates properly when switching between languages.